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70s Italian Prog Rock Pioneer, FRANCO FALSINI plays THE UPSTAIRS GALLERY TONIGHT at 420 (bro) Main St, 2 hours outside San Francisco, in Placerville CA at 7 pm. It’ll be the first time Franco’s played in the States in over 30 years! In anticipation of a duo of vinyl / digital rereleases from his mid-70’s  back catalogue this year (SENSATIONS FIX and the solo COLD NOSE material), Franco’s stepped away from DJing and engineering and picked his guitar back up, with intentions of playing out live on the regular. His good friend, graphic artist and drummer, JAMIE GUGGINO, set up this one-off and has been practicing this week with Falsini and bassist Jonathan Pac Cantin for this rare psychedelic music visit to the past.

SAT. MAR. 31st – FRANCO FALSINI, PREGNANT, MOONDROOL at THE UPSTAIRS GALLERY, 420 Main St. (Placerville, CA), ALL AGES, $5, 7 pm, 530-919-1433
Genre(s): Psychedelic / Rock


It’s Kids Day! New/Old Sensations Fix Vid Posted

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Forget that today’s Presidents Day. You know how when you’re young and celebrating Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and it occurs to you to ask your parents “Well what day is ‘Kids Day’? and they laugh out loud and say back “Are you joking? Every day is ‘Kids Day’!” Its funny because somehow, even though at that point you’re a) not an adult b) never worked a hard day in your life nor c) ever made any sort of tough decision, yet somehow you know your parents are telling the truth. Every day is “Kids Day.”

Well, that’s how we’re feeling today at Magnus Music. Our father, Franco Falsini, unearthed some old footage of us and our best friends goofing around when were probably something like 10 yrs old and he put it to “Telepathic Children” a track from one of his first albums Fragments Of Light by his 70’s psychedelic prog rock band Sensations Fix. Then he posted it on YouTube. And as you can imagine, it feels pretty rad. So we thought that today, in celebration of “Kids Day”, we’d share the love.

Keep an eye out for more postings and additional info on Sensations Fix in these coming months. A couple albums from this virtually undiscovered band are resurfacing as reissues on RNVG, Intl and Spectrum Spools. The music of Sensations Fix returns to the world soon.