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Bluestep’s Charlottesville Music Showcase Debut

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Born from the UVA Jazz Dept. Bluestep (previously “Blueset”) claims they’re “trained in Jazz (but) willing to play anything”. Same might be said as to their mentality for gigging as well. We’ve seen many a talented student never leave the safe confines of campus and play for only frats and their friends. This quartet, however, eschews that inclusive philosophy and is willing to play anywhere. This past four months alone has seen them cranking out gigs not just off campus and the Corner, but also the counties, wineries outside Crozet, pubs in Scottsville, mid-town, downtown, you name it. This coming Wednesday sees their Charlottesville Music Showcase debut over at Rapture. Once you hear Emily Voreas’s vocal stylings and witness her versatile backing band — who get a sincere joy out of reinterpreting modern classic tunes — you’ll see where these students get their confidence from. Chances are you’ll also get hooked on this jazzy pop act as well.

Charlottesville Music Showcase Presents
WED. NOV. 7th – BLUESTEP at RAPTURE, 303 W. Main St., 18 +, FREE, 10 pm, 434-293-9526
Genre(s): Jazz / Blues


Girl Talk After-Party // DJ Le Feb Rapture Tonight

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There’s a lot of talk. A lot of Giiirrrlll Talk about the insanely awesome DJ spinning at the Pavilion tonight. Pretty badass he’s spinning under “The Big Tent”. Curses to the City tho and their Noise Ordinance Mr. Gillis will have to end (as usual) a bit on the early tip; leaving thousands amped to continue their rage.

Welcome to the Showcase DJ LE FEB, a seasoned mix master who does the UVA thing (Boylan, Trinity, Greek), plus stints in Richmond (house parties, Maymont Park, Kingdom), as well as slots DC (Current). Le Feb is like a fever. He ain’t afraid to get around.

Le Feb keep us dancing til last call, spinning Electro, House, Hip Hop and Top 40 Remixes. You can bet it’s gonna get hot! Even hotter this gig is FREE!

Charlottesville Music Showcase Presents

feat. DJ LE FEB
WED. SEPT. 19th
303 E. Main St. 
21 + / FREE /10:30

(In Search of the Meaning of) Hype Science CMS

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Ross van Brocklin (pictured right) began using Ableton Live almost two years ago. It had been around for at least twice that long and he’d kept hearing people talk about it. This thing, this electronic sampling interface was changing the genre and he needed to find out HOW? No more standing in the sidelines! he thought. That evening after plugging in the pad, routing music nugget after musical nugget to it, then turning the volume up really loud, Ross introduced Radiohead to “Rapper’s Delight” and that was it, he was off-and-running. Insane instrumental dance music sprang from the corner of his soggy Ableton-crazed mind.

Fellow King Of Belmont Sam Cushman (pictured left) and Raw Dawg Will Faulconer (center) came upon their friend — regularly a guitarist — in a new state, “plugged in”, mashing buttons and tweaking knobs, caught up in this electronic music trip and it got them excited. It got them ‘Hype.’ They joined in with a drumkit and a synthesizer respectively, and the with a crackle of keyboard lightning and the thunder of the drums, the three of them fused. From that evening on, a mighty musical improvisational beast of live percussion, synth and electronic sampling was born. That is their story; the Science of how the Hype came to be.

WED. JUNE 27th
21 + / FREE  / 10 pm
303 E. Main St.

Watch out for special guest guitarist Tucker Rogers sitting in. And you might want to hold onto your face. There’s no guarantee, but this mad trio of Hype Scientists might just melt it to the floor!


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This is exciting! Last time Kings of Belmont played a free gig at Rapture was Halloween 2009! It was a complete madhouse. Known for having more than a few tricks up their sleeve, tonight’s gig will include what they’ve accomplished since. Two albums of material. Many wicked covers hitting you from stage left. Their signature light show. AND the introduction of a new bassist, old buddy Deke Shipp is in the mix. There’s also a surprise set the band’s not divulging until they launch into it at 10 pm. We didn’t even know how to spell “Jagermeister” til KOB wrote that song. It’s Hump Day. No openers. No cover charge. Let’s get ‘er done.

21 + / FREE / 10 pm

Rogans Reunite @ Rapture’s Showcase Tonight

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If you’ve been in Charlottesville for a little while you probably remember THE ROGAN BROTHERS weekly Friday night residency at Miller’s. It was a beast that lived for amazing 4 years! A soulful rock n roll experience that made people go nuts. Triple encores, love notes tossed at the guys, girls pressing themselves up against the glass. The Rogans basically turned that spot into a Bike Rally once a week. But as often as they must, all things must pass and the residency called it quits New Years Eve 2011. The brothers spilt. Josh moved to Colorado and continued pursuing music. Eric stayed in town spending time with the fam and growing the career. TONIGHT, the bonfire that was their rock n roll residence gets built back up for a night — and then lit like a MOFO. JOSH (back in town briefly for a friend’s wedding) and ERIC team back up, and they’ve enlisted the help of a bunch of special guests. Eddie Hall will be behind the skins all night, guitarist Ian Gilliam will play leads, and keyboardist Betty Jo Dominick and bassist Steve Riggs  also jump back into the fray. RAPTURE’S COCKTAIL LOUNGE. WEDNESDAY MAY 16. FREE 10 pm. 21+. It’s gonna be nuts. Hope you can make it!

Martin Lucifer on 91.1 and Rapture CMS

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With a artistic pseudonym like “Martin Lucifer”, Raphael Wintersberger might have somewhat of a bumpy road ahead of him. It has indeed been a bit “hellish” promoting this show. Can you imagine the sideways looks we got hanging his poster with the words “Martin Lucifer” on it? Especially near at the Christian Bookstore? But whatever. The reality is Raphael is the wildest type of musician; totally untamed. He made the wise decision to jettison CVille for BKYN yeeeears ago — before it was hip and has returned just as crazy as we’d hoped. Kinda reminds us of Christian Breeden…. not just cuzza how his voice sounds but also with his general fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants ethos.

When Raphael’s not running sound at Music Hall Of Williamsburg or Webster Hall, he’s making improvised electro-acoustic music with his “Dharma Buggy” (pictured below) a stack of music production tools that contains goodies such as an Alesis d4, Electonix Filter Factory, Roland SPD-S drum pad, a huge mixer, a telephone, you get the picture… which sum total provide a flexible musical environment for Raphael to do his thing. It real is something only a sound engineer would think up — much less have the balls to play. Cuz unlike the folky or bluegrassy pedal-pushing Pinko Commie loopsmiths we’re accustomed to round these parts, Martin Lucifer’s sound is as you would expect: dark, driving, kinda Industrial, like Tool but lighter; often tender, and experimental yet accesible a la fellow Brooklynites TV On The Radio.

Raphael / Martin returns South this week to perform. He’ll be on WTJU 91.1 on the program “Nowhere Near” with DJ Bacon Fat this afternoon at 3:30. Then later, around 10p, he’ll perform live at Rapture on the Downtown Mall for the Charlottesville Music Showcase, which’ll feature accompaniment by bassist Ben Jacobs (ex-Hogwaller Ramblers) and indie rock guitarist from UK Jamie Burke.

Charlottesville Music Showcase Presents
WED. MAR. 14th
303 E. Main St.
21 + / 10 pm / FREE


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Any time TRAVIS ELLIOTT sets foot in RAPTURE whether be it with a pool stick and hanging with Tamm. Or rocking his Godin with his backing band, it’s always a big neon sign that spells “P-A-R-T-Y” He and his boys play like snake charmers. They’ve got the right moves, know the right tunes, and Travis knows exactly what’s needed. To WIN! (you over) THIS WEDNESDAY, “Leap Day” or whatever, the last day of the month, flash your landlord the finger and JOIN THE CHARLOTTESVILLE MUSIC SHOWCASE for another glorious TRAVIGANZA. Its your birthday, your moment, don’t ever forget that!

Charlottesville Music Showcase Presents
WED. FEB. 29th – TRAVIS ELLIOTT BAND* at RAPTURE, 303 E Main St, 21 +, FREE, 10 pm, 434-293-9526
Genre(s): Alternative / Rock / Pop

*Special added bonusers MAX COLLINS and AARON AHLBRANDT from KOB sitting in HARD.